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My Beauty Beliefs

Looking good on TV is a must for most presenters. Luckily I have always paid attention to personal grooming and am a firm believer that looking good makes you feel good. I also like to take care of my health and enjoy fairly high energy levels.


Juggling a busy schedule means that time is very much a premium. Over the years I’ve fine tuned by health and beauty regime to fit with my lifestyle. I simply don’t have the time or money to spend hours in a beauty salon being pampered.  I like treatments that are fast, effective and don’t require me spending hours in the bathroom or having to transport a suitcase full of potions around. After all, there are such great products on the market now days.


I spend a lot of my life travelling and I’ve become a dab hand at packing and unpacking. I select a capsule wardrobe and only take the essential beauty products with me to any location. I'm the world's most minimalistic packer and managed to do three weeks in Australia for "I'm a Celebrity" with just a carry on case. And that included some very glam clothes.


Mark Coray, an award winning hairdresser based in Cardiff has looked after my locks for years. Mark knows the styles that suit me and he also knows that life in front of the weather chart plays havoc with certain hairstyles. The technical term for it is Colour Separation Overlay (CSO), and to translate that into a bad hair day it means that any stray bits of hair open a gateway to the weather chart seeping through. As I’m presenting the weather in front of a chart with a green light, having a hallo or green flecks in you hair is definitely not a flattering look. Flicks and curls that look great in every day life can look disastrous on screen. And believe me viewers are quick to complain about what they think is a messy hairstyle, when in reality it is the weather chart distorting the image. Mark makes sure that my hair stays sleek and has no fly away layers. He also persuaded me to add some blonde highlights to my red hair. Spurred on by the comments I received, I've kept the blonde thing going. If you would like expert advice from Mark on how to look your best, click here to visit the Coray and Co website.


I always wear a sun block because sunshine is a disaster for the skin. It’s worth remembering that a tanned skin is a damaged skin. Having said that, most people feel good with some colour and a healthy glow, so I always opt for a fake tan for a special occasion. There are some very good fake tan products on the market and even we fair skinned Celts can achieve a natural looking tan without turning orange in the process. In the meantime I vow to remain Ms Factor Duffle Coat!


I was bemused to be crowned Rear of the Year. At 48, I was the oldest winner to date. I put it down to a combination of eating well, hill walking and swimming. I’ve never followed a strict exercise regime, had a personal trainer or been a slave to the gym. To be honest, I hate doing gym work, whilst walking is something I adore and find immensely relaxing. I thrive on being busy in both my work and social life, so you could say rushing around is my favourite work out. I have quite an enthusiastic approach to life and am convinced that when you are in the right place mentally. your energy levels are high. Getting the most out of every day is a must and that helps me implement semi sensible habits. For example I never drink coffee after sixish. But I can't get enough of freshly made juices and find them great for giving a mental and physical boost.


Food is never far from my thoughts. My friends tell me that I'm the greediest person they have ever come across. I can happily curl up in bed with a recipe book, devouring it the way other people would a gripping novel. I’m always on the look out for new recipes. If a friend tells me about a fantastic meal, I'll want every single detail. But the one crucial ingredient for me is great produce. I’m a big advocate of local food and like to support farmers and growers. Cooking for friends and loved ones is a passion close to my heart as well as my favourite way of socialising.  Mind you, inside of me there is a fat person yearning to get out.........


Clothes and shoes are another big passion of mine, and whilst being in the spotlight is a good incentive to keep up appearances, I honestly believe my passion for fashion would be the same regardless of the job I did. The key word for me is style. I steer clear of outrageous outfits, very revealing clothes and faddish designs. But I do love to have some statement pieces like my Prada velvet boots and full length Dolce and Gabana leopard print coat. That’s been in my wardrobe for years and I recently gave it an up date by just changing the buttons. I’m a stickler for crisp well laundered clothes. I'm also a regular at the sales and charity shops and have a wonderful line up of evening dresses, courtesy of Oxfam.